“To Philosophy,” 2.5″ x 3.5″, collage on paper.

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2 responses to “ATC

  1. A former colleague of mine (a Philosophy Professor) was the Director of Gender Studies at my university before I served in that capacity. Once she and I had an interesting conversation about how I look stereotypically femine with my blond wavy hair and blue eyes and the soft colors I often wear, and she looked more like a vixen with her black hair and red lipstick and nail polish — yet we both shared the same feminist philosophy. We remarked upon how good it was that feminism had at least evolved enough to offer room for both of us.

    Your piece today brought up this memory….

  2. Yes- my Nordic lefse-loving ancestors gave me the genetic trait of blond hair and blue eyes as well. It is interesting that a lack of pigment should be considered more “feminine.” I’m not sure why this is, but was reading something on the web that asserted that lighter complexions are more childlike, hence more “feminine.” It’s all a little too Desmond Morris-y for me:)

    I think feminism has always been a big tent, the “radical notion that women are people.” (I wish I could remember the source of that quote.) I was recently talking with a friend of mine who majored in philosophy about the distressing trend among younger women, bright, educated women, to declare “But I’m not a feminist.” This puzzles me.

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