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Take Me to Church

Today I hung eleven paintings at the Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ at the kind invitation of Joshua North-Shea. I feel an affinity for the UCC, and was involved with the Wheat Ridge United Church of Christ some years ago when my children were small.

The paintings, which will hang there through September and October:

Brevity&Joy“Brevity & Joy”

TreadSoftly“Tread Softly”




TheOneYouFeed“The One You Feed”

RebeccaAtTheWell“Rebecca at the Well”

MuteProcession“Mute Procession”

StillSmallVoice“The Still Small Voice”


WhenIAmInTheGroundAndDreamO“When I Am in the Ground and Dream of You Still”

Also, I participated in World Art Drop Day by leaving this little owl outside:



Art Drop Day is when original works of art are left around for strangers to find and take.

I think my choice of location may have been ill-considered, though. The wind is picking up, and this little watercolor may just be ruined by rain and traffic and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Ah, well.