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Fear and Trembling

30″ x 24″, oil on canvas.


The Sleeping Beast Within

Oil on wood, 12″ x 12″.

A pair of monotypes

“Our Little Secret,” 14″ x 11″

And the ghost.”Royal Flush,” also 14″ x 11″

A little good news

One of my few favorite self-made paintings, “Step into My Parlor,” has been accepted into the 28th Annual All Colorado Art Show at the Curtis Arts & Humanities Center .

This is more important to me than it probably should be; I have a history of bad luck with juries, despite my good luck with interesting and lovely people who seem to come out of nowhere, are genuinely enthusiastic about my work and even buy it sometimes. I am always surprised – and thankful- when I get selected for a juried show.

“I’m tired of prices

I’m tired of waiting for something…”

The Still Small Voice

Oil on canvas, 14″ x 14″.


This time of year. I know I should be grateful.

I have so much to be grateful for.

I need to start doing the ten million things necessary to make our home seem festive and merry.

Light in the winter and all that.

But it’s cold. It’s dark.


Deep treacly blues

I’ve never been to Michigan. I love this song.

I’m in the process of wrapping some monotypes to put out as ‘bin work.’

I can’t seem to keep my hands off them, though. I  keep having a go at them with colored pencils. After they’ve been photographed. Or recorded through a scanner, poorly.

Always with the fish. I don’t even eat fish. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me.


Mermaids Singing (What the Water Wants)

With apologies to and in appreciation of T.S. Eliot and Sufjan Stevens.

And countless others. Always.

Oil on wood, 6″ x 36″.

I’ve finished this oddly sized painting for a group show titled Syzygy (we’re all working on this same long, narrow panel) that will open at Sync Gallery on November 19th and hang until December 11th.

Many thanks to the good people at Sync for inviting me.

I Want to be Well

It’s a work in progress.

So is this little 6″ x 6″ painting- but it is has an end in close sight, and is very nearly there.

I have been seized by consumerist lust waiting for Sufjan Stevens’ newest release, Age of Adz, to be released. I bought it just as last night turned into today, and it delights me.

My favorite cut at this point is youtubed below.

A couple of monotypes

Now that the scanner is working again.


Meant to go make more monotypes today.

Instead, I’m hiding in my studio, working on small paintings for upcoming holiday shows and listening to Seven Swans over & over. Soothing.