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Facebook promotion. Win this monotype!

On All Souls’ Day, November 2, 2011, I will be drawing a random name from fans of my Facebook Page, Katie Hoffman Fine Art. The person associated with the name drawn will receive this 11″ x 8″ original monotype, “A Prayer for the Dead.”

If you’re interested in entering the drawing, simply head over to Katie Hoffman Fine Art and “like” the page. I think you do need to have a Facebook account in order to do this.

Poor Edward and other monotypes

“Poor Edward,” 14″ x 11″

“Quixote,” 14″ x 11″

“Heart’s Desire,” 14″ x 11″

“The Omen,” 14″ x 11″

“Mouse Mask,” 14″ x 11″

“Medicine Man,” 14″ x 11″

A Book About Death

In the next few days I will be figuring out how to make a copy of this monotype, “A Prayer for the Dead,” to send to the A Book About Death Seattle Exhibition.

Throw Me A Bone



Monotype. Terrible scan. Need a new scanner.

Again & Again

I am gearing up for the  September 2 First Friday reception for my show, “Animuse” at Zip 37 gallery.

From the press release:In my newest work, I continue to explore intuitive painting methods to bring subconscious imagery to the surface.
The ideas of Carl Jung as they address allegory and myth have been a recent source of fascination,
and The Animus as muse is my overriding inspiration for this show. Also present in the canvases are ruminations on dreams,
The Shadow, and archetypal glimmers.

The show was well received last month at CORE New Art Space and I had a terrific opening reception at Zip this last Friday. I feel both grateful and relieved- I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard toward a show. I am looking forward at this point to spending long hermity weeks in my studio stretching new canvas and wearing old clothes.

The Devil Made Me Do It.

Monotype, 7. 5″ x  5.5″.

Plus some gratuitous Etta James, just because I love it.

Bearing Gifts

Monotype, 7.5″ x 5.5″.


I’m very pleased to be preparing for this show at the Arkansas Valley Art Center in Buena Vista, Colorado.

I’ll have a whole bunch of oil paintings on display- it’s way more wall space than I’m used to having- and some very affordable, wrapped monotypes available.

My thanks to Kathee Kiehn and the other nice folks at AVAC for this opportunity!


monotype, 7″ x 5″.

I have switched my website domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap in solidarity with the elephants.