And now the end is near

I close the show I share with Christopher Fox at Zip 37 Gallery this Sunday October 6 at 5 PM. It’s a nice show, and if you are local I hope you stop by Friday (First Friday!) 6-10, or Saturday or Sunday noon to 5 to see Christopher’s beautiful paintings, if nothing else.

Here is Chris hanging the work a couple weeks ago:


And here he is in my mind-bogglingly accurate portrait of him:



Westword‘s Susan Froyd was kind enough to ask me for a 100 Colorado Creatives  Interview before the show opened a couple weeks ago. That can be found here.

I’ve been with Zip 37 Gallery for seven years. Moving on feels like leaving the family home. I’ll stop here, before I get verklempt.


2 responses to “And now the end is near

  1. It is an awesome show and I encourage all to come (again). I feel so honored to have been able to share 3 1/2 of those seven years at Zip 37 with you – here’s to the future, it will be wonderful!

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