The Stranger

The Denver metro area is forecasted to receive 36 hours of snow with as much as 22 inches before it stops. It’s already started. School has been cancelled and I had to hit the grocery store this afternoon to acquire the things my teenage daughter had requested to bake a birthday cake for my mother in-law’s 90th birthday. (A rum cake with coconut frosting.)

The place was nuts. Many of the strangers jostling in the aisles had carts full to bursting with cases of soda pop and bags of chips. It seemed a strange priority to me, but what do I know?

Denver’s First Friday art walk this month is almost certainly ruined. I’m okay with that. It means I can stay here and paint while my kid bakes a cake.  I have more than 40 canvases in progress. Bringing even one to a satisfactory finish takes time, and a snow day is a prayer answered. As long as the power lines don’t get knocked out.

A couple of paintings I’ll be trying to make some progress on, below:

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