Jerry Simpson

 Jerry Simpson is one of Denver’s most interesting artists, and a long time ATC trader. Those fortunate enough to have visited the place where Jerry lives know it’s like stepping into a large, eccentric work of art. 

3 responses to “Jerry Simpson

  1. What does ATC mean?

    Interesting artist. Reminds me of what I’m doing as a volunteer at my son’s school right now — the Earth Week committee has a REDUCE, Reuse, and then recycle theme with emphasis on the first two parts that so many folks forget about. Jerry is quite an exemplar of turning nothing into something!

  2. Oops- sorry WGB, I get so used to using the abbreviation, I forget it’s far from self-explanatory. ATCs are Art Trading Cards, a kind of a democratic, non-commercial phenomenon in some artist communities. Artists trade them one for one and no money changes hands. I trade locally at this group in Denver
    with a group that includes professional artists, hobbyists, and 5 year old children. It’s lots of fun. I bet your son might enjoy making and trading cards- children are our best ATC recruits!

    Jerry is an ATC maker/trader extraordinaire- I think he has thousands at this point. And yes, his art making practices are a testament to green living. The guy’s something of a genius. I know there’s a longer film floating around out there about his work and amazing studio. I’ll see if I can find it and post it this week.

  3. Neat. Never heard of ATC’s before but sounds very cool. Thanks!

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