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30 in 30 Day 18 – Ghost Owl

I have sleep issues.

“Ghost Owl,” oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″




30 in 30 Day 17 – High Horse

This is Colorado, after all. Oil on canvas, 5″ x 7″


Plus some hillbilly music. I’m fascinated by how much Hank Williams III looks and sounds like his grand dad.

30 in 30 day 12 – Midwinter Dream

Painted last night while the snow fell outside. I keep wondering when my seed catalogues will appear in my mailbox. Do companies still send seed catalogues?

Oil on canvas, 7″ x 5″


When I light your darkened door

New small paintings and recent small news.

I was happy to have a  mention in a nice video interview with Bianca Trenker, owner of Mountain Living Studio. I am happy to have work hanging in her beautiful gallery, among so many remarkable artists.

I have been creating tiny paintings,  which will make their debut at Valkarie Gallery‘s special event from November 29 to December 6. I will not be present physically but my work will- lots of it, and scads of affordable stuff. Anybody with any sense can agree that if you must choose, the latter is the best option.The latest little ones I’ve finished are below.


“Cock of the Walk,” oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″



“Crazy Cat,” oil on canvas, 6″ x 6″

TravelingIncognito“Traveling Incognito,” oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″.

Willow“Willow,” oil on canvas, 5″ x 5″.





I’m very pleased to be preparing for this show at the Arkansas Valley Art Center in Buena Vista, Colorado.

I’ll have a whole bunch of oil paintings on display- it’s way more wall space than I’m used to having- and some very affordable, wrapped monotypes available.

My thanks to Kathee Kiehn and the other nice folks at AVAC for this opportunity!

24th Annual Fine Art Market Show and Sale at the Arvada Center

for Arts and Humanities.

Many wonderful local artists display their wares at this show, and the opening reception is lovely; beautiful young people in ties walk around with trays of pastries and things, offering them up. I will have 13 pieces in this exhibit. Most are tiny and brand new. There is also a new thing this year for people who have cell phones (i.e., everyone on the planet except me). You can dial in a number and hear each artist say whatever they’ve chosen to say about their work. What a world!